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Founded in 1986, F/K Industries Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation whose principals have over 50 years of industrial painting experience. This painting expertise is augmented by a core group of long-term employees. Our track record and reputation for quality workmanship and safety is exemplary.


The majority of our work is performed in the fields of water/wastewater treatment, pipeline & energy production, and, chemical production facilities.


Our area of operation is primarily the tri-state area centered around Western Pennsylvania including the eastern West Virginia and western Maryland panhandles but we have also completed projects in New York, Connecticut and Indiana.  F/K Inc. has succesfully completed projects, both large and small. for numerous municipal authorities and private industries such as:


Alcosan-Allegheny County Sanitary Authority

Altoona Water Authority

Greater Uniontown Joint Sewage Authority

Henwil Chemical Corporation

HRI, Inc. (Master Subcontractor Agreement)

Kokosing Inc.

Koppers Inc. (Contractor's Qualification Certification)

Mark West Inc.

Mascaro Construction Company

Pennsylvania American Water Company

Pipeline Systems Inc.

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

WPX Energy (Master Services Agreement)



F/K Industries Inc. PO Box 97923 Brentwood, PA 15227  Phone: 412-655-4982  Fax: 412-246-9466  Cell: 412-860-0979

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